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Infused with pure essential oils

The lovely fragrance of our scented handmade natural soap bars come from natural essential oils.

As many studies show, essential oils can bring various benefits. They may help improve sleep, relieve stress or anxiety and boost mood!

Our UK handmade natural soap bars are free from artificial fragranced oils.

Plant-based hero ingredients

Our soaps boast 6 natural ingredients:
Olive oil ~ high in vitamins A & E, deeply nourishing & conditioning
Coconut oil ~ gentle cleansing without stripping natural oils
Castor oil ~ highly moisturising & soothing
Palm oil ~ high in vitamin E and K which have skin benefits
Cacao seed oil ~ contains omega-6 fatty acids and have the highest amount of vitamin D2 and D3 .
Clay – naturally detoxifying, soothing, and oil & dirt absorbent.

Natural colourants

The exquisite designs of our artisan natural soap bars are created using natural colourants such as turmeric powder, Sandalwood extract, annatto seed extract activated charcoal powder, calendula flower,cacao and alkanet root extract

No chemical or synthetic dye!